Courageous Advocacy

Pupils at Flockton School are encouraged to not only self-reflect and make positive changes to their lives but also to others.  Over the years we have had a wide range of projects that show our pupils as change-makers.  This could be shown through community action, school action or wider reaching charity work. 


Many of our pupils like to run their own clubs in school which impacts on pupils around school. This has ranged from Yoga club, friendship club, Lego club, history club etc.  It enables our young leaders to develop confidence, organisational work and communication skills - all helping our pupils to flourish. 


Other projects are wider reaching.  Our school is located next to a very busy main road.  There has been lots of community action to try and appeal for a bypass however this has been unsuccessful.  We have large lorries, cars, delivery tracks passing through, often at speed, our small rural village.  The speed of the transport was dangerous to all our pupils and so they decided to take action.