Curriculum Statement

Long Term Plan



INTENT:  At Flockton School, our ultimate curriculum intent is that every child leaves our school with core Christian values, pockets full of memories, a passion for learning, and essential knowledge and skills, that will travel with them through life.  To ensure our pupils shine we ensure that all children receive outstanding teaching and learning experiences to develop inquisitive minds, nurture confidence and nurture curiosity both inside and outside the classroom.  Our curriculum teaches pupils to live together well, have a sense of community, to celebrate difference and diversity and strive for greatness across a range of curriculum subjects.  We ensure our pupils are part of one big Flockton family and we encourage them to have a voice in the local community - making changes for the future of the village.  We recognise there are many skill-sets within our world, and whilst there is a focus on maths, English, RE and science, we ensure we provide a rich, broad and balanced curriculum to capture the very best from all of our pupils. Our curriculum is driven by providing topic-based choices that inspire the children’s passion for learning and creativity. We inspire our pupils to have healthy minds and bodies and have a focus on mental health and well-being. We teach our pupils the importance of STICKABILITY - developing resilient learners. 


IMPLEMENTATION: To ensure high standards, we plan effectively from the National Curriculum for all our subject areas and the EYFS programmes of study. We plan a curriculum that is easily adaptable to meet the needs of the current pupils.  Most importantly it is fun and engaging for all our pupils.  Our learning S-Plans support our pupils to know what they will learn, how it connects and builds upon previous learning, what they will learn next and how to use new and revised vocabulary.  We celebrate each step along the way through learning journeys displayed in the classroom.  Communicative and reading skills are taught diversely throughout our whole curriculum allowing pupils to self-reflect, develop confidence and know how to express feelings and thoughts. 


Branching into the future. To ensure that all our pupils have the chance to shine whilst at Flockton School, our curriculum ensures that all our pupils receive outstanding teaching and learning experiences to develop inquisitive minds, nurture confidence and nurture curiosity both inside and outside the classroom.  We aim to have our curriculum packed-full with enrichment opportunities giving all our pupils the chance to try ‘something new’ beyond their day-to-day lives – encouraging individuals to step outside their comfort zone. Through our outstanding Performing Arts and Music provision we aim to ensure that all pupils leave our school able to play a musical instrument and have the experience to be part of larger Arts opportunities.  Developing a sense of community and providing pupils with Christian values for living, we aim to  help our pupils to successfully step out beyond Flockton School.


 Rooted in the community.  The heart of our school teaches pupils to live together well, to celebrate difference and diversity and strive for greatness.  Knowing about our community is key to our curriculum.  All pupils learn about the rich history of the small mining village, through high quality History investigations, art projects, Outdoor Learning and geographical studies.  Pupils understand how the village has changed over time and the impact the mining community had on our local environment.  Our outdoor curriculum enables pupils to engage with wildlife, develop a love of the outdoors and how to care for the landscape around us. Our various school councils support positive changes within our local area and within the wider global community.  We engage in diverse community projects such as Carry My Story and Community Art based projects, engaging parents and providing pupil’s leadership opportunities. We have a strong partnership with St. James’s church and work alongside a highly successful parent run Friends of Flockton group.


Walking together in the light of the Lord.  At Flockton School we pride ourselves on providing all our pupils with the opportunity to experience the love of God.  We aim to ensure all our pupils no matter of gender, faith or diversity has a sense of belonging, pride and kindness.  We aim to ensure all our families are represented in our curriculum and teach or children zero tolerance of bullying. Through the parable of Jesus Christ ‘The Sermon on the Mount’, the pupils are able to derive Christian Values that they believe let them shine just like the light of God.   These values underpin the day to day ethos of school life.  Our pupils are taught self-reflection and the importance of stillness through Collective Worship and PHSCE lessons.



IMPACT:  The impact of the curriculum is monitors through a triangulation of outcomes:  S-plans, pupil voice, test and data outcomes, planning, monitoring of books and displays, learning walks and discussions of staff and teacher assessment. Through this cycle we ensure that the curriculum meets its intentions.  We keep our curriculum adaptable so it can meet the changing needs of each year group and class.