Design & Technology

At Flockton CE First School, we are currently developing our Design & Technology curriculum.  We inspire and teach children to use a range of tools, and design ideas through both classroom practise and learning in the outdoors.  Design & Technology is taught through the wider curriculum content or through stand alone units of work.  We provide our pupils wider curriculum enrichment through access to school trips and visits. 


Whole School Long Term Plan

Progression Document

Intent, Implementation & Impact statement



Our spiritual journey in Design & Technology


Enrichment in Design & Technology 

To support their learning in Design & Technology and History the children in Elder Class visited Greenman Learning for a day of exploring thier Cave Man Past.  The children had a great time learning and using homemade tools, building campfires and cooking food. 



Practising knives skills in Reception and Year 1.

The children practise using a knive with playdough before moving on to chopping part boiled vegetables.  They then designed and tasted their own vegetable soup. 



Children in Year 2 & 3 made applique cushions 

The children practised using a running stitch to add designs to their cushions.  They learnt how we can use pins to hold fabrics in place.  A seam was sewn around the edge of the two fabric peices before the children used toy filling to stuff their cushions.