Elder Class (Y4/5)

Teachers: Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Oliver

ETA & Cover Supervisor: Mrs Forster


Long Term Plan


Curriculum Newsletters


Around school, the children in Elder Class display high-quality behaviour and outstanding attitudes to learning making them excellent role models for the rest of the school.  Each child engages in debate and discussion relating to those bigger questions to help them understand the world around them.  Our Elder Class pupils engage in school improvements and actively take on leadership roles around school.  The Elder class curriculum allows the children to build upon prior learning and engage in new topics exploring the history of the World.  Biannually, pupils take part in the highly successful 'Carry My Story' project.  Through the project we hear about the stories of refugees coming to the UK and making a new live.   It provides our pupils with the opportunity to link with another school and with their neighbourhoods to share stories and experience in order to meet people they don’t already know and learn more about them.  This is celebrated in a large finale event of performance dance, poetry and music.  In addition to this, our pupils are very fortunate to have a weekly ukuelele session with our resident music teacher Mrs Delaney and take part in a variety of music festivals; Kirklees Music Festival, Mrs Sunderland and Young Voices.  Every week our pupils engage in outdoor learning developing key skills such as, fire lighting, shelter buidling, tree identification to name a few.  Many of our Elder Class are responsible for maintaining the school garden.  All our children have access to a range of After School Clubs. 


Victorian Day in Elder

The children in Elder class have been finding out what it was like for children living in Flockton during the Victorian times. Take a look at some pictures of the fantastic day they had.