Elder Class (Y4/5)

Teachers: Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Oliver

ETA: Mrs. Meichan

Adult helpers: Mrs. Gail Smith and Mrs. Parkinson

Our Class Rules:

  • We take care of our classroom environment – keeping it neat and tidy.
  • We are an inclusive class – no-one is left out and everyone is equal.
  • We always show good manners.
  • We listen when others are talking.
  • We treat people in the way they would like to be treated.
  • We always show respect to others.
  • We have a ‘can do’ attitude and are determined to succeed.

Newsletters and Curriculum Coverage:

Each term we will produce a topic web accompanied by a newsletter which will also be on our Newsletter page. This will contain curriculum information and any important upcoming dates.



In Elder Class the teaching of literacy follows a learning journey through reading, speaking & listening, into writing. The children enjoy a rich balance of literacy lessons and the literacy curriculum spills over into all other areas of school through our cross curricular approach.

The children’s reading is developed through shared reading. During these sessions the children are encouraged to discuss ideas and opinions about the book. Reading beyond words on a page is what we are striving for in Class Three.


In Elder Class we believe that mathematics is a creative subject – that can result in moments of pleasure and wonder through real-life problem solving.

We choose activities which will inspire and challenge the children where appropriate; maths activities are hands on and involve children learning from experience. Learning opportunities differentiated to allow children to achieve their full potential, whatever their ability.


Wherever possible, science is taught through first hand experience and scientific enquiry. We develop skills such as observing, predicting, questioning, making inferences, concluding and evaluating, using cross-curricular links to mathematics, ICT, art and design and technology. We aim to promote an awareness of the world around us, helping to make sense of the world and contribute to children’s knowledge and understanding of a highly technical and rapidly changing world.