Homework Policy

At Flockton C of E School, we recognise that in order to be successful our children need support from both the home and school.  We endeavour to work closely with parents to achieve this. There are certain  areas of learning that benefit from short bursts of recall learning and are best taught both at home and at school.   This includes practising reading, times tables, spellings and telling the time.  Reading is a key component to a successful education and practising this at home on an evening can help develop key skills in reading, writing and spelling.   We know that many of children take part in a range of activities outside school which we believe are beneficial to children’s development. The homework set by class teachers should be manageable around these other commitments.


The suggested time per week allocated to homework is set out below:

Reception : 30 minutes
Years 1 & 2 : 30 minutes – 1 hour
Years 3 & 4 : 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes
Year 5 : 1 hour – 2 hours


Homework for all year groups will focus on four key areas highlighted below:

Reading – books provided from school and by visiting a library (4 times per week)
Learning spelling patterns/ phonics
Learning timetables (Year 2+) / number facts
Taking part in online maths computer games which aid mental recall


Homeschool books

When your child has read at home they should record this in their home school record.  This enables the teachers to see that they are completing their homework; these books should be brought into school daily.   Children should hand these into the class teachers on a Friday and completed homework can be checked by staff.  Children completing their homework will be rewarded with a Golden Ticket.  Pupils will also record spelling successes from weekly tests.  If your child has not read the suggested times (minimum of 4 times per week) or, has not practised spelling or times tables, a note will be written in the home school book.   Teachers will also record when your child has read at school. 


Optional homework options

We are aware that pupils enjoy a wider range of activities and therefore your child will also receive an selection of project based activities.  These will be linked to the half terms topic.  The children will be set these at the start of the half term and can hand them in before the end.  These will be displayed around school for all to see.  Our Christian values are incredibly important and children will also receive an optional piece of homework that should be completed over the half term.  This work will be linked to one of our values or a festival that we are celebrating.  This will be set by Mrs Bulmer and should be  returned to school before the end of the half term.  Again, Golden Tickets will be given for children returning completed work.