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To enable our pupils to flourish and succeed in life, it is important we get the fundamental building blocks correct.  We start teaching phonics in Reception; lessons are taught through the Synthetic Phonics Programme Monster Phonics,  and begin at the start of the new academic year.  By providing every children from EYFS to Year 2 with a daily phonics session it ensures that our children achieve well.  We believe reading is a powerful tool that opens many doors for all learners, and exposes them to Jesus' promise of life in all its fullness through the written word.  Through our Christian vision of rooted in the community, branching into the future, walking together in the light of the Lord,  we ensure that high-quality phonics teaching enables us to prepare them for future learning well.


To ensure your child does miss any essential phonics lesson, a high-level of attendance is paramount in school. 


Why did we choose Monster Phonics?

As a school we know our children well - what appeals to them and what inspires them to learn and be successful.  We chose Monster Phonics as the programme is fun and engaging and appeals well to both boys and girls.  They love the little Monsters that help the children to learn their sounds as part of early reading.  This will take you to the Monster Phonics website.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the monsters. You could do this along with your child. 


 All of our staff and the volunteers that read with the children, are trained with using the Monster Phonics materials. 


When is phonics taught?

Phonics is taught daily throughout EYFS and KS1.  If children need additional phonics sessions these are usually delivered in the same day as the teaching. 


Who is it for?

Monster Phonics is a whole-class Systematic Synthetic Phonics Scheme with Decodable Books for children in Reception and Key Stage 1. It is also used as an intervention in Key Stages 1 and 2.



Monster Phonics teaches children to read by enabling them to identify the individual graphemes (letter combinations) and blend the sounds (phonemes) together to read the word. It is a fun way to teach phonics, since it is multi-sensory. Sounds are categorised into ten colour groups, and each colour has a corresponding monster character. Monster Phonics is a highly advanced multisensory scheme. This creates interest and engagement from the children.


How can I find out more?

You can speak to your child's class teacher at any time.  School will also hold information events within the year. Further information can be found on the Monster Phonics website by clicking here.   


How can I support my child at home?

With the help of Friends of Flockton, the school have purchased sets of colour coded books which we keep in school.  The book that your child will given to read at home will be a fully decodable book at the level your child is working at in class.  The books should be read by your child with adult support.    Additionally we have Monster Phonics e-books that can be used at home on an electronic devise.