Outdoor Learning & Stewardship

Welcome to our Outdoor Learning & Stewardship Page


At Flockton First School we are passionate about caring for the environment in which we live and learn in.  We pride ourselves in our relationships with the local community.  Our environment is steeped in mining history and is located near to the Yorkshire Mining Museum.  Our children learn who lived before us and the impact they had on the village today.  In our Outdoor Learning, we learn how to look after the community that we live in now, and how to protect it for those who come after.  True to our Christian Foundations, our pupils learn Stewardship as one of our Values.   We understand how this Earth was gifted to us and by following in the light of God how we need to look after its beauty and all that live within it. 

Not only do we learn how to look after the world, we learn to work in it.  We know how important learning in an outdoor classroom is to the mental health and well-being of our pupils and our staff.  We know that some of our pupils excel in an outdoor environment.  Our outdoor learning curriculum provides leadership, communication, problem solving, imaginative play and FUN opportunities for all.  





Elder class pratised there knot tying skills in a Spider web and knots activity. The children in Elder class had to help each other and try and complete the task following the instructions given.