School Council

This year's School Council is made up of children from each class. The children in Sycamore Class and Elder Class are voted in by their peers after presenting to the class. The Apple Class School Council members are chosen by the class teacher.  As a school, one of our targets is to provide a wider range of leadership opportunities for the pupils in our school.  The School Council is one of the many ways in which they can flourish. 


This year the School Council have:

  • Presented Ideas in Collective Worship
  • Sold Poppies to raise money for the British Legion
  • Purchased new signage to keep dogs off the school field. 


The children are currently working on:

  • Choosing a charity to fundraise for.
  • Installing a Buddy Stop. 
  • Improving games at lunch time. 


Here are some of our School Council members.