Our Vision:

Rooted in the community.

At the heart of our community, grounded in its history and caring deeply about our shared present.


Branching into the future.

Creating flourishing, lifelong learners, reaching for the best for themselves and those around them.


Walking together in the light of the Lord.

Built on our strong Christian foundation, together promoting spiritual growth, ethical awareness and a passion for God’s creation.


From Psalm 11-3 “Happy is the person who…loves the Lord’s teachings. He thinks about those teachings day and night. He is strong, like a tree planted by a river. It produces fruit in season. Its leaves don’t die. Everything he does will succeed.


Flockton School sits in the very heart of the community.  Our Christian values permeate all that we do. Through the parables of Jesus Christ pupils, staff and the wider community of the school, derive a set of Christian values that we believe are the foundations for a fruitful life.


At our school we pride ourselves on knowing our pupils and families well, and overtime develop strong-lasting family relationships.  We celebrate our place in the community and strive to improve and create the best learning environment for our pupils. We create happy, resilient, kind and well-balanced life-long learners, who strive to achieve their potential.  We educate our pupils in the rich mining history that embellishes our small historical village.  Our pupils learn about those that came before us, and through our community value we aim to learn to care for our village for those who will come after. Our vision is that our pupils become change makers for the community and develop a passion to make a difference.  Our aim is to take full advantage of the abundance of rich resources that exist on our door step and rejoice in all it has to offer.


Our desire is that all of our pupils leave Flockton School with a strong sense of self.  Through Collective Worship we explore how our Christian values bring peace and wonder to our lives and, how these values are key to a harmonious school and good mental health for pupils and staff.  We aim to provide opportunities for self-reflection and give pupils the opportunity to understand the world around them.    Through a strong management team we thrive to improve the quality of our Collective Worship and opportunities to explore the fundamental underpinning of our foundations as a Church School.


The school has a proud tradition of high academic standards in core subjects and excel in a wide range of extracurricular activities such as Performing Arts and Music.  We aim to provide outstanding opportunities for high quality engagement in the outdoors and environmental geography and sciences, D&T, nature and art.  We believe the outdoor environment heavily impacts on pupils mental health, well-being, communication skills, and helps our pupils and staff to get along together.   We believe that we have a key role in society in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality through our teaching and in the role models we offer.  Our desire is to see every child and member of staff, regardless of gender, race or ability, achieve the very best that they can in all aspects of school life and find a sense of belonging in our school.