Are you interested in applying for a place a Flockton CE (C) First School?


How to apply

Admission to school is subject to the local authority’s admission arrangements and these can be accessed by clicking here.  All school admissions are completed by the Local Authority and not the school though we will be happy to assist you the best we can.  You can ring the school office on 01924 326800 at any time for help and advice, we are happy to help.  Alternatively, you can contact the Local Authority - Admissions Department by ringing 01484 225007 or emailing


Please click on the link to access the Local Authorities guide for Parents on Admission arrangements. 



Visit to schools

We are currently able to offer school visits. If you would like to come and look around school, please phone the school office on 01924 326800 to book appointment with Miss Taylor (Headteacher).


Reception Places

Children start Reception class (full-time school) in September of the academic year in which they turn 5. Parents may apply by completing an online form using the link above. The deadline for submission is detailed on the Kirklees website. Applications received after this date are considered late.  To avoid disappointment please ensure you complete the online application by the closing date.   Placement notification emails will be sent out by the Local Authority in April. 


Should you decide to decline your allocated place, please notify School Admissions in writing. This will free up the place for a child on the waiting list. 


The School Admissions Team can be contacted at: Pupil Admissions, Kirkgate Buildings, Byram Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1BY.  Telephone:- 01484 225007. Email:-


Year 1 - Year 5 places

For Year 1 to Year 5 enquiries, please contact the school office on 01924 326800 for advice.  An In-year Common Application Form (ICAF) will need to be completed (available from the office or online from the link below or the school office).  Please click on the link below to obtain further information from Kirklees School Admissions. Unless the year group your child is in, is full, a place is usually allocated.   Parents can still appeal for a place for their child when the year group is full; though the process generally takes several weeks.


Transferring to Middle School

Transfer forms for places at middle school are completed online. Please look at the Kirklees website for deadlines and information.