Worship in School

Collective Worship is the heartbeat of the school at Flockton.  All classes take part in daily worship whether it's in class, in the hall, St James' Church or around the school.  Each half term's Worship is focused around one of the school Christian Values of either: Community, Joy, Forgiveness, Compassion, Hope or Friendship.  We celebrate each value through the telling of biblical stories told by either members of staff, the children or visitors to the school and through self-reflection, stillness and prayer. 


Our Worship is completely invitational with all our pupils been invited to Collective Worship by members of our Ethos Council.  Our leaders welcome all pupils with our Flockton Liturgy written by members of the council and Mrs Morris.  Each class, staff, and community members have its own stone which are brought to worship and are collected at the start and taken away at the end. This represents the coming together of our special Flockton Family.  


To make our Collective Worships impactful we provide a structure that enables children to self-reflect, listen, discover,  pray, sing and at the end of worship carry away with them a thought for the day.  Questions to respond to Collective Worship can be found around school through out the week.  


At the end of the week, we always have a Celebration Worship.  Here we come together to reflect and celebrate in our pupil's achievements- which all our pupils take enormous pride in.  Together we make a very special family and pupils and staff rejoice in our achievements.   At the end of every half term, we celebrate in St. James' Church where parents are welcomed to celebrate alongside us.