Religious Education


Religious Education at Flockton School celebrates all the faiths and world-wide religions.  As a Church of England School we celebrate the diversity of our community.  You can find some picture of our school in action. 

You can find our Long Term plan for RE below.  As a Church School we follow the Kirklees RE Agreed Syllabus and the Diocese Understanding Christianity. 


RE Curriculum Long Term Plan





Diocese Documents


Exploring spirtuality in the natural world.

What makes us happy in the outside environment.  Our pupils explored natures gifts and looked for natural materials that ivoked feelings inside themselves.



Sycamore Class visit to the Gurdwara

Sycamore Class visited the Gurdwara in Huddersfeild to learn more about the Sikh place of worship and how Diwalli is celebrated.  We had a fantastic time and even tried some of the food. 



Pentecost afternoon

The children in Elder Class, planned and led on a Pentecost afternoon workshop for the whole school.  All activites were designed and resourced by the pupils.  We all had a fantastic time!




God's Creation

Sycamore class created explosions of the Creation Story.  We thought about the present that God have given Christians.  We brought the present box into the classroom and then imagined about what might come bursting out.  We used paint, paint splattering,  printing techniques, ink and newspaper to create these amazing pictures. 





Learning about how different religions celebrate with light and colours.  We made rangoli patterns, took part in a dance workshop retelling the story of Rama and Sita and we made clay diva lamps.